Why give special attention to documentation when selling receivables

Sales of receivables: documentation and challenges from the buyer’s perspective.

Upon an invitation by the Association of Banks, Jelena Jović Milentijević, Director of EOS Matrix, participated this year’s legal experts round table entitled „NPL and value assessment in the new market and commercial surroundings”, held on 16- 17. March on Palić. This conference gathered legal experts and lawyers to discuss the key reasons for selling high risk placements, the selling process and the challenges of selling NLP portfolios, experiences in this domain and also methods of resolving the legal frame for the banks. 

Mrs. Jović Milentijević held a presentation entitled „Sales of receivables: documentation and challenges from the buyer’s perspective” , particularly elaborating the receivables sales process from the buyer’s perspective. She stated that the key to successful sales of receivables lies in the detailed and active preparation for the sales process, as well as in the well-presented and comprehensive documentation in reference to the debt. Throughout her presentation, Jović Milentijević presented proven solutions for legal challenges and regulatory obstacles and limitations in this process.