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Uredno Vas obaveštavamo!

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Podaci sakupljeni samo za Vas: zahvaljujući našim obaveštenjima, izjavama u štampi i publikacijama nikad nećete propustiti nijednu novost iz Eosa. Ova pažljivo pretražena, jasno strukturisana i dobro predstavljena sekcija sadrži podatke o našim aktivnostima u društvenim medijima, najnovije EOS novosti, podatke o našim uslugama i vesti iz našeg šireg profesionalnog okruženja.


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Debtor types: Lots of ‘occasional debtors’ in Russia, lots of ‘debt junkies’ in the USA // ‘Debt avoiders’ the top category in all countries under review // Trend: Increasingly more ‘careless debtors’ among US Americans

If they fall behind with payments, Germans are more likely to have pangs of conscience than Russians or US citizens // One of the top reasons for repayment problems: Financial overconfidence // Multiple financial obligations for more than half of German...

Every second company in Europe is convinced that a modernised dunning system further reduces payment delays and defaults // 49 per cent of all companies rate their degree of company-wide digitalisation as high or very high // Only 18 per cent of companies...

Outstanding payments jeopardise the credit standing of companies and their long-term viability / Greek (28 per cent) and British companies (24 per cent) in particular fear for their future / German companies the most stable in the case of payment defaults

Shortest payment terms and most punctual payments in Germany / Despite enjoying the longest payment terms, Greek customers are still the most likely to pay late

Reasons for payment delays by consumers in Europe: Short-term cash flow issues / Excessive debt / Forgetfulness / Wilful intent

Inadequate invoicing processes in European companies / Decline in professional receivables management set to continue

Sales and EBT up once again on previous year/ Germany the most important market with a 46 per cent share of revenue/ Company makes its biggest ever investment in IT systems

Hamburg, 12 July 2017 – For the thirteenth time in succession, the auditors from Euler Hermes Rating have awarded EOS Holding an 'A' rating, acknowledging that the debt collection specialist enjoys a good credit standing and long-term viability. The key...

Domino effect of payment defaults and delays impacts on economic growth in Europe / Every fourth company in Europe not investing due to outstanding payments

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