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Create the future with us.

We want to change the future for the better and make a difference through our day-to-day work. We have formulated this in our claim and purpose: Changing finances for the better. This is what drives us, day after day. And we are always seeking the best talent to help defaulting payers settle their bills in a smart way that meets their particular needs. We therefore welcome you with open arms, all you business consultants and creative technologists, strategists and scrum masters, financial specialists and call center experts. Whether you’re a thinker, a doer, or someone who thinks outside the box, our doors are open to you. Because we know that only by working together can we change the finances of our customers and defaulting payers for the better..

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EOS. Changing finances for the better.

What drives us at EOS? What is it that our more than 6,000 employees give their best for every single day? Our answer: Changing finances for the better. This is what we are committed to. And this aspiration is part of our DNA. 

We're business people doing people business.

Through this commitment we want to make clear that the work we do on a daily basis changes people’s lives in ways great and small. We make sure that the financial situation of our customers, and of defaulting payers, changes for the better. 

Natpis „Za svet bez dugova” sa pozadinom na kojoj se vide otkucaji srca

EOS heartbeat.

Our heartbeat provides the framework for the way we work with one another. The aim is to quickly respond to new developments, assume personal responsibility, and operate in a more interconnected way. This is how you create a culture of entrepreneurial thought and action. The seven principles that help us navigate this process are: Be courageous, Trust, Love to learn, Strive for excellence, Embrace change, Walk your talk und Share your knowledge Join the team

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