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We create win-win-solutions.

We understand your customers and your business. And always come up with tailored solutions that suit both sides. For the right solution we mix talent with technology, brains with bytes and emotional with artificial intelligence. We invested in smart financial services, so we know your customers better than anyone. And to serve you better than anyone. Whatever financial problem you've got – you can count on us: we'll save you time, money and customers.

We're happy to help.

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Smart financial services.

Let us save you time and money

If you choose EOS for collecting your receivables, you will save your time and energy. We contact your customers to solve the problem.

Professionalism is something that we insist on and our main goal is to maintain positive relationships with your clients.

We work across borders, without borders

Different languages, legal systems and customs: that’s what makes international debt collection challenging. We make it easy for you. EOS works across borders, without borders.

We can help you in two ways:

Cross-Border Solution or our Shared-Service Solution.

Cross-Border Solution

  • Presence of EOS representative in your home country
  • Highest security, legal and ethical standards
  • Low risk – no success, no fee
  • Your EOS representative understands your language and your needs
  • EOS acts with integrity, tact and professionalism as it is understood in each locality
  • Partners in over 180 countries

Your local contact:

Milan Savić

Petar Nikolić

Get in touch. 

Shared-Service Solution

  • Get your money fast – process moves quickly with integrated IT systems
  • Direct, transparent, and real-time communication
  • Group-wide harmonisation of processes
  • Binding SLA
  • Skip tracing and first letter with legitimation within 24 hours
  • First phone call within 10 days
  • We take charge of debt collection, making full use of our local expertise

Our IT platform optimizes global workflows by regulating automated case transmit between partners around the world. The platform ensures direct, transparent, and real-time communication in 180 countries over the world. EOS Global Collection


Understand customers, target information and tailor services.

With our in-depth marketing information, you can understand customer needs, tailor your services to their requirements, and communicate through the most cost-efficient channels.

We provide information on appropriate segments, deepen your knowledge of existing customers with data extension, and improve your data through address validation.

Our information can protect you by identifying fraud patterns and risk groups so you avoid partners who may damage your business.

EOS. Changing finances for the better.

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