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Petar Nikolić
Specijalista za marketing i komunikacije

Milutina Milankovića 1i
11070 Belgrade

Telefon: +381 63 8660 956
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EOS: Časopis.

The largest investment in EOS Matrix business history

Despite the turbulence caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic, EOS Matrix continues with a successful business practice, which was marked with the most significant individual investment accomplished in the new business 2021/22 year.
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Technology highlights of the EOS Group: overview of all trends.

From analytics to security tools: The tech highlights of the EOS Group.

Year after year, EOS invests in new technological trends. Four examples show how EOS clients, and consumers, can now benefit from these technologies.
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EOS Annual Report 2021/22: Secured debt purchase at EOS

Interview: “The secured receivables market is all about relationships”

EOS has greatly expanded its expertise in the processing of non-performing secured loans in recent years. Experts from two EOS countries share their experiences and provide insights into two very different markets.
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What are we waiting for?

Law on the protection of consumers of financial services is contradictory and it's making huge damage to the financial system of Republic of Serbia. Changes are needed.
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